Day 5-8 : Impromptu Guruvayur Road Trip

Ever since Dad has been down, hardly get any time, busy moving around, meeting relatives etc. Out of the blue, last couple of days ran off to Guruvayur on a Road Trip!

For the first time, I drove straight from Kollam to Guruvayur and back in two days, a total of 444 km! The drive was lovely as the highways are in good shape at this time of the year. [plus the elections around the corner]

Happened to see a construction site of Santhimadom Builders there in town itself, so captured a picture of a Sree Narayana Guru statue there.

Guruvayur Temple

It is best to visit the temple on a Thursday and usually we see a larger crowd. Unlike last visit, we decided to head in for the darshanam as early as 4am. and surprisingly enough managed to get a good darshanam without much rush.

P.S : Women dress up so well when they come to Guruvayur – clad in freshly pressed set Sarees and Kasavu sarees – lovely traditional attire.

Gokulam Sabari continues to be a good stay with exotic meals available at their Nivedhyam Restaurant.

Mom and Dad at Sabari

Was dead tired after reaching home, but after a 3 hour power nap, am all charged up to get back to the routine.

Swami Sharanam

10 thoughts on “Day 5-8 : Impromptu Guruvayur Road Trip

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    1. Thanks for commenting Purba.
      You should hit this Southern State for a trip if you haven’t already. Lovely place for a break and some wonderful natural scenic beauty. 🙂

  1. hey da!:) gr8 to know you’re havin an awesome time with your parents:) and 4 am darshanam!how cool is that?:)… thats when the world sleeps man!!
    was wonderin what happened to you , cos you went off the grid .
    when’s your roadtrip to blore gonna be? 🙂

    1. Thanks da. Am sure by off the grid, you mean off Facebook.
      Am on a fast before heading to sabarimala.
      So decided to wean off Facebook by not using it at all during the fast.:)
      Hope you doing good.

    1. Thanks. Ya this was the first time I actually went just out of the blue. And was worth it too as there wasn’t much of a crowd and this time of the year the weather is kind of humid but the early hours are pleasant.

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