Last night was a good good night!

There were a few groans, moans and raised eyebrows when the playing eleven for the return leg was announced. Sir Alex is a genius when it comes to winning a battle on and off the pitch. The confidence he had in the young guns to get some European experience at home soil, to let them play with a freedom in the semi final of the biggest trophy tournament ever, might even seem a touch arrogant. But his track record says it all, cause more often than not, he gets it right. A 4-1 drubbing at the theatre of dreams ended an unbelievable European run for Schalke. When the likes of Anderson, Gibson and Evans oozed confidence, the big fellow was resting all the big guns for the title deciding fixture coming weekend.  It was not a tricky night by any means, United were expected to cruise through, but it’s not over until it is over!

A matter of great pride for all Manchester United fans all over the world to see Sir Alex lead his troops to a 3rd European final in 4 years. We have some important scores to settle.. starting this weekend and I can’t really wait as we look to rewrite history again! glory glory manchester united!

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