The Hormonic Gamut!

Day 10

The day started slow, with us leaving for breakfast later than usual. The chosen mess with the boring dosa and chutney had all the makings for a grim day at work, until out of the blue, 2 girls clad in contrasting shades of green and red sarees were captured in our keenly female detecting peripheral vision. Their presence in the staff canteen without any staff ‘tags’ suggested possibly newcomers and all of a sudden the Testosterone surge reset the ‘grim day’ into a fantastic one with smiles on our face as though we just saw a rare case of a lifetime. 😀

As the day wore on, I found out that eventually it was the Estrogen that would win the battle. In a futile attempt of trying to convince a bank employee to get my account opened, I ended up seeing a spectrum of emotions ranging from the cheerful ‘Always glad to assist you sir’ to the ‘You can have your way anyway..after all you are the ‘customer’ [smirks]‘. Round 2 of the battle is set to resume tomorrow as I go in with more ammunition to rest my case. May the better hormone win 😉

P.S. I have been to multiple banks across South India and am afraid Dhanalakshmi Bank is competing hard to dismantle Canara Bank from the worst I have ever been to.

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