Fathers Day and more

Day 43

This was the 4th weekend in a row that I spent at home, last two of which were mainly cause my dad was on holidays and available at home. Ever since moving out of ‘school days’, it’s been hard to spend quality time with him as he is invariably at work and me away at Med school et al.

Despite the hectic week that just passed by, I still ran away this weekend, just to be at home, doing nothing, but yet enjoy the company of my parents. Each time I get home, I try to brush up on all the world events and incidentally I happened to chat with my good buddy who reminded me it was ‘Father’s Day’.

With only a couple of hours to go for my return train, I wondered what I could get him. Incidentally Mom wanted to do a bit of shopping and I got him a gift off my first pay check as an MD Resident. As men of limited expressions, we shared a hug before parting, an embrace which I will cherish.

There are umpteen number of world days for multiple reasons and everyone has different opinions about it. The usual thought process of why need a day to describe a relation might seem unnecessary to a lot many, but to few people like me, these days are a reason to let everything else in the world come to a standstill and express a little more how much I value my relations.

Love you daddy.

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