10th POD

The peril of a post op rehab period is confinement within the house, something that doesn’t augur well with my nature. Onto my 10th post op day today, and I have been enjoying some wonderful home food, glad to be free from work and deadlines, watching a movie or two every day and working on my knee physio, but slowly am getting bored of this mundane drill.

Last day my cousin invited me to a trip to Munnar. I’ve never been there and was cursing my bad luck, but as everyone keeps saying “Everything happens for a reason” or “It’s all for the good”, I have no other option but to sit and let others feel sorry for me.

The Fantasy Premier League is finally up, so I can distract some of my online time towards creating a team. I have returned to my old time Android addictions – Zynga Poker and Angry Birds.

This video made my day today – wish I was in their shoes! Hmph!

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