Turning 30k

In another month’s time, I will complete two years in this world of 140. The first few days, the only people I was following were friends I knew in person and that is probably the reason I never really understood the use of another social network (as it is, I was already eating, drinking & sleeping on FB and 140 characters seemed too restrictive). A couple of months went by and then again with some spare time in my hands I decided to go through some of the prolific tech sites (Mashable) to figure out how to make use of this network.

Soon I was ‘following’ Hollywood, bollywood celebrities, sports personalities, and from there on it went to media, corporate and many more. What hit me as the most striking feature of twitter then (even now) is how fast news breaks out. From there, it went onto waiting for those ‘special moments’ when a celebrity would reply to your tweets. Unknown facets of many celebs and famous people get unravelled, and soon I had developed a special corner for a few for who they really are. And am sure there is no platform on the web which brings fans as close to their celebrities as this.

The other big advantage on twitter is meeting like minded strangers from different walks of life. Being a football fan, I love tweeting during games, the energy levels go up no matter where I am watching it.

Every good has its bad and one gets to meet plenty who will rile you up and somewhere, you will have to draw a line on who to tweet to and whom to block! I think I have already blogged on twitter’s influence but today on the occasion of turning onto 30,000 tweets, I would like to thank all my followers and friends for adding a twitter dimension to my life and would love to mention a few on twitter I enjoy following.

@gulpanag : My favourite twitter celeb. I came to know a bit about her as a person only after joining twitter. A role model and the most beautiful twitter celeb. (I dedicate this blog title to her 🙂

@shreyaghoshal : Proud to belong to her generation. Down-to-earth, totally fan loving and takes pains to keep her fans happy.

My premier football banter gang: @vinugeorge @j0n14 @mukeshkini @ameenmaj @k1rn @lipinnair @hitchhawk @thariqcp @wickedsyam @beingsohin. Apart from the first two who are very good friends of mine, I met the rest totally randomly and we enjoy some wonderful banter over the last year or so.

@johnymon @tinucherian @tittoantony @123alex are few of my oldest twitter friends

For humor and satire: @sidin @j0n14 @gkhamba @neha_bedi @swannyg66 @krishashok

As a football fanatic, I think it’s only appropriate to share a few media handles

@henrywinter @fourfourtwo @dailytelegraph @matt_lawton_dm @mogdentelegraph @laura_mail @oliverkaytimes @stewartgardner @nickcoppack @discomirror @ian_ladyman_dm @betfairandygray @thesportreview @dtguardian @thesunfootball @optajoe @statmanjon @espn_star @epltalk @uefacom @bbcfootball1 @guardian_sport @benhibbs

Red Devils

@vanderberg7 @abhinavcj @tanay46 @manutd24 @surju_utd @mihir_h @anjali_x @R_o_M @vivek782 @lilmissdinky @unitedsredarmy @wedreaminred @unitedrant @manunitedblog @manufans @manutd_updates @mannydas @manutdlive @sabarish_g @bughe9d

This will be a never ending process if I were to list all the tweeple I follow. So am gonna stop here and maybe come back and blog after a year. Cheers!

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  1. Great post Varun.. There are people who still think Celebs are like radio.. The responses that you got will make them think otherwise.

    Thanks for the dedication and also for recommending some interesting handles. Started following some of them.

    1. thanks for commenting Suman. Just felt we Twitter users who really enjoy being here should share a bit of our experience so that others also have an idea how much fun twitter really this. First few buddies are always special..

  2. Good writing!!! This Post made me feel there are so called Celeb Tweeps who don jus say “I went hav coffee, jus got up, I am so Lazy, hey How is my movie and blah blah”.. They do Reply huh… 🙂 Best among was Kavya’s!! I din even know she is on twitter.. :P.. Its good you kept a record of it. I must say “one among million Doc You are”.. Proud to b categorized Under your group :).. Doctors also ‘Do’ Things other than our so called Life!!! You proved it… Great Go!!!

    1. hehe.. thanks buddy, started this writing business only this year, and been enjoying doing it. Usually try to do it as and when I get time. Many celebrities are way beyond their celebrity status when it comes to twitter. Over a period of time, you develop a different sort of respect for them, the more you interact with them. Am not the only one, doc’s do indulge in a lot of leisure activities other than the routine am sure. Just a matter of finding them. 🙂

      1. Its not just about of celebrities… Its how people see Life through a micro- blogging and in 140 letters. when I joined I din it only for the Photography to be improved, then it turned towards Blogging as i attached my blog URL to the Bio. The level of Information bar always went high… But it still depends on how you take it, and you can easily turn this also a Msn or Yahoo messenger, wshere you can ask every personal question.. :). But you did it well and appreciable!! :)…. A Man Utd will not fail to impress.. 🙂 Red Devils Rock!!! 🙂

  3. baaki ella celebritiesintem tweet twit pic ittu, entethu evide??? 😛 nice post dr and thanx for the dedication..

  4. Awesome post.. 🙂 Hatke from all others. quite interesting. Keep up the good work Dr. Varun… 🙂

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