Fluid Football – Loving it!

Woke up to catch a stream of Manchester United taking on Spurs at home towards the end of the first half. The stats and the highlights suggested Spurs were doing a fairly good job in keeping us on our toes. But the second half was a total delight to the eye. The chances created by our forward line with fluid and intricate passing is orgasmic. The defensive line – full of youth and lack of the stalwarts Vida and Rio were fantastic. Jones making a dash into the opposite penalty box starting from his defensive position is something I least expected, such is his soaring confidence. He epitomized confidence for a debut game at OT and is a definite threat to Rio’s position.

Always loved the way Danny played, especially after a remarkable stint on loan last season with Sunderland. His deserved promotion to first team action this season and the confidence SAF has in him was fully justified with another thrilling performance in the second half. His selfless attitude in front of goal and excellent off the ball movement makes him a threat anyday. To add to that he is making it a habit to score off his head! Rooney was getting a bit frustrated towards the end but glad he got a deserved goal.

De Gea has shown some good confidence today but once again his fumble almost lead to a goal. His distribution is very impressive, in fact it started the brilliant second goal of the night.. where ando and danny did a 1-2 to seal off a beauty of a goal.

Plenty of promise for #mufc as youth run riot at OT.  #GGMU

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