Indian Rupee

Another simple Ranjith movie.. typically unconventional and tactfully takes a dig at the current younger generation who like to take the shortest route to quick cash.

The success of this movie rides on Ranjith’s  expected quality alongwith the powerful presence of the legendary Thilakan. Prithviraj has had a series of gung ho movies in the recent past with no real acting excellence to deliver. Through Ranjith, he has returned back with a bang once again and to be honest, one of his standout performance in his short career. The proven excellence of Jagathy Sreekumar, the subtle humor brought in by Tini Tom makes for a convincing 2 and a half hour journey.

The take home message and some of the dialogues hit you right in the face with the harsh reality and this is gonna definitely keep the box office going.

So if you really want to watch a quality Malayalam flick, then head for this one; meanwhile I shall get back to my sleep.. and maybe catch Soundtrack tomorrow 😀 (I love weekends with good movies!)

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