Fear.. where art thou..

As I sit here, waiting for the installation of FIFA 12 complete, @mukeshkini just mentioned he hasn’t blogged in a while. That has brought me to my page and here I am scribbling something. I had a long last 36 hours.. I did my first Sunday duty where I was the ‘On Call’.

The night before the duty as I was relaxing watching some premier league action, I was fairly confident of managing the work for 24 hours. After all I knew I’d have a reliable second on call to call on when the need arose. However the news broke that he was taken off duty and swapped by another doc whom I’ve hardly known since she had just recently joined. Usually at times like this, that feeling of ‘Oh Shit, what the hell am I gonna do now?’ pops up pretty quick but somehow it never happened. Instead there was a sort of arrogant composure to facing the dreaded consequence of being stuck with complicated cases in the hospital all alone with not much reliable help to call upon.

Earlier plans to hit the sack at 10 pm, get a good 8-9 hrs of sleep and head to work never really happened. 1030, 1130, 0030……. 0200 finally all the football on tv got over and I did not have much option but to shut my eyes. 8 days ago I had vowed to complete the most essential theory topics to tackle any sort of emergency imaging diagnosis that needed immediate and adequate diagnosis. To be honest, all the reading left me wondering how much actually went in, but one thing was definitely going to hold me in good stead.. that was the 5 odd months hanging around observing others manage work.

If a list of top 10 most common cases to come to a radiology department were to be listed, I had almost 8 different types to handle on day 1 itself. The clock kept ticking as I juggled case after case perplexed and bemused by how much difference actually exists btw observing and doing it on one’s own! Come the end of the 24hrs, I realized it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, but that was probably because I have somehow managed to lock ‘Fear’ up in some room up there, am yet to figure how I managed that but nevertheless am happy I did!

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