The Holy Covenant

I ran away from work yday evening when 2 days back I realized one of my old school friend was getting married. I’ve often wondered, when I come across updates on facebook that this friend or that friend is married.. in some city just a few hrs away from where I am – how I missed the opportunity to take part in his/her joy.

When my buddy Al  (whom I’d not seen since over 8 years), one day messaged me on facebook inviting me to his big day, the good old days flashed by, the times we spent at Lucy ma’am s Bio tuitions, the happy times with Freddy; I didn’t think twice, I simply had to be there.

A lot had changed over the years in Al’s life, though not in direct contact with him, I was well aware of the happenings, the tough times, the unexpected turnarounds and the fact that he has found, by God’s grace the right path for himself.

I have only attended a handful christian weddings in the last 4-5 years, most of them of family friends or my own personal friends. When I saw the venue listed for the wedding in the invite, I wondered: “How come there is no church involved?  Is he inviting only to the post wedding cake cutting and wedding lunch extravaganza?” Well I was wrong, it was a special experience indeed.

I enjoy attending Christian weddings more than Hindu ones merely cause they talk about life, the truth as it is, where the sole purpose somehow is not to rush for a ‘sadhya‘. (Don’t use this against me on my own wedding :P)

I’d arrived just on time, and the ceremony was underway. The host was a Bible Scholar (I assume), who started off to answer the very question that was bugging me:

“You guys might be wondering how come we are gathered here in a convention centre hall? and not in a church where the holy matrimony is done? Well, Jesus is there wherever God fearing people gather.”

From thereon for an hour, men of God spoke, shared their experiences, insights and the stark truths of life, how rather than talking about the marriage and its significance, a retrospective analysis of the spiralling divorce rates. Some of the lovely catch phrases I heard today are here 🙂

Before marriage: He talks, she listens
After marriage: She talks, he listens
Eventually: Both talk, neighbours listen

The Man and Woman then took their vows, exchanged rings as a declaration of their Covenant which is something I am seeing for the first time. No gold chains to tie down the beautiful bride, just the Word of Man in the presence of God.

Woman Submits, Man Loves

Thanks for inviting me to your big day Al, was glad to meet you after long, I wish you both the very best in life, and may you reach the heights of your beautiful journey immersed in wonderful joyous moments. God bless.

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