To another wonderful year

Am sure everyone had their reasons to cheer and some moments to forget in 2011. I would like to categorize myself into those bunch of people who had a slow start to the beginning of the year . .  to end up struggling to find time for anything apart from the daily grind that involves predominantly a learning curve and of course glad to be back serving again.


I see plenty of bloggers who celebrate anniversaries of blogging.. well I do have a poor memory and club that with a genuine lack of time, I haven’t been able to even blog on that day (I believe I completed one year in blogging sometime earlier this month).

During the first half of the year, I had lot more time in my hands, and hence spent more time in writing blog posts in depth, reviewing movies, writing match reports etc. Towards the latter half, a tired mind after a long day meant only time to mainly rant my feelings!

Totally enjoyed the blogging journey last year and willing to enrich it even more the forthcoming year.

Blogging resolution 2012 – 365 is gonna be hard for me, but I will definitely try. Managing 2 blog sites and a work site takes its toll after a long day but am game for more and more..


 Started off the year watching Traffic  which promised a year of change for the Malayalam industry though as I sit here on New Year’s eve, we all know how such movies were far and few to find.. The last delightful movie I watched was MI4 (even though I didnt like Anil’s role), no comments on Don 2.

Been watching movies on a regular basis as it seems to be one of the easier outlets in the tight work schedule to relax a bit. Maybe I can make my spare time more interesting by exploring the city I know so little about..


Last week, one of my nursing staff asked me what seemed to be such a naive question: “Who is your best friend?” I jumped up and immediately explained who it is and where the person is (as I type this, I realize how poorly I’ve been in touch with him recently). The second question was more refined though: “Who is your best friend here?”

I took a moment to think and realized there is not a single person..yet.. and I simply answered None. I have a lot of acquaintances in my new work place but know only a handful pretty well and hope this forthcoming year we build on further.

Wishing all my friends, family and all out there celebrating, a brilliant new year! Cheers. 

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