Timeout and Vettai makes this a very joyous weekend!

I was on duty on Friday and as customary as it is, I decided to do something on saturday to chill out. Turned out I didn’t get any company for any movie and I dropped plans to go for it. Instead ordered in a cheese burst dominos pizza and enjoyed some fantastic football by Man Utd. By Sunday evening I’d decided to head to Timeout to get some good reads. One never knows how quickly time flies in there. Got myself a diverse collection that should keep me busy for a while..

In the meantime my online research for a bike is slowly and steadily falling in favor of the Yamaha SS125.

Seems like it might just about be perfect for me and my needs.

Had booked tickets for Vettai and I knew what I was going for, a straight fwd age old script, but nevertheless when you just wanna go out and watch an all in all Tamil flick, this creates pretty much the mood. Madhavan is fat, Arya ruggedly solid in stunts, Sameera bold to her role and Amala Paul – SEXY. All in all, just about a nice recipe of action/comedy/ romance / hot chicks.

Running pretty late and I gotta seminar to attend tomm morning.. Until later 🙂

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