The overwhelming tranquility


She appeared calm but her eyes belied.


Scenario 1


She walked in for a follow up pregnancy scan. The previous two scans were inconclusive of whether a baby will be growing in her womb. The doctor had asked her to wait for one more week and hope for the best. She had some episode of bleeding last week but it did not seem significant.


I examined with a poker face.I have been training myself to be impassive. As I stared at the ultrasound monitor desperately looking for some hope, I could see from the periphery of my vision her eyes probing for an answer. I sneaked a moment casually to just look at her eyes. My wooden look belied. Her eyes welled yet she asked even though she knew the answer, ‘Doctor… ??”

Scenario 2


3 generations behind, she was no longer moving out of her house unless it really necessitated. She slowly walked towards the car. Took ample time to make herself comfortable. She anxiously held the head rest in front as the car drifted from one pot hole to another. The silence was numbing as the car drove into the driveway. Train of thoughts sped through her mind but there was only one gut feeling resonating. She wailed her heart out.


Motherhood – All love begins and ends there.


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