Ennum Eppozhum


Vishu… to new beginnings.. well it was a new beginning indeed when I decided two years ago to go meet a potential marriage candidate. Two hours of conversation two years ago changed my life. As I enjoyed this Vishu Sadhya with my confidante, we had already decided to spend the next two hours watching a family entertainer. We weren’t driven by the reviews, rather limited by the options of available movies to watch in our town.

I had not watched the trailers so I wasn’t under any impression of the movie. Considering I had just watched Oru vadakkan selfie 3 days ago, this being another genre, still had enough and more mettle (at least on reel paper) to beat it all ends up – A Sathyan Anthikad feature, Mohanlal Manju Warrier duo, unmatched acting and direction prowess.

What turned out though was quite the contrary. Accepting Mohanlal as he is, pretty far from his physical prime, he eased into his role. After a record setting return to the industry, watching Manju Warrier in yet another role carved out to fit not only her physical form but her acting adeptness was kind of a lull. So many cliche dialogues riddled with confusing reel/real life situations made it a bit of an agonizing journey ahead.

With the available talent in hand, somehow the moments wherein Lena and Manju share the screen, the audience is left wanting more out of the two wonderful acting persona.

The movie eventually played out akin to one scripted to play the actors rather than the other way round. Worth the miss!


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