Alc -OH olic

Drinking-AlcoholI was reaching the fag end of a little over 60 hours of on call duty. It had been raining incessantly all afternoon and evening. I reckoned this was gonna be a rough call night. The number of road traffic accident (RTA) cases usually triple on these days with the slick wet pothole ridden roads.

I had over three patients already and was heading out for my dinner past 0915. Few minutes into my dinner, I got a call – yet another RTA. I said I would be there after dinner. As soon as I finished up, I drove through the rainy night back to the hospital.


As I walked into the department I could hear loud noises emanating from the corridor. On reaching the ultrasound reception, I saw 4 guys on the verge of getting into a fist fight with our manager. 3 out of 4 were drunk, one absolutely tossed out. They were upset that their accident wasn’t being given prompt attention and care. In their inebriated state, they started mouthing words that they probably allow to leave their perverted mouths only when under the influence. It reminded me of the first year ragging sessions when my seniors ‘familiarized’ me with the underbelly of the Malayalam language.


To mount one’s frustration at the lack of optimal management of a patient is one thing, but to come in a group like a bunch of goons, totally out of their minds and ready to do anything to make things happen – was a first time first hand experience for me.

This sort of anti-social behavior is on the rise and with utter disrespect to the healthcare profession, the confidence of ‘I can get away with anything’ will drive more and more professionals away to safer avenues and if the government doesn’t take measures, the doctor patient ratio will continue to take a hit.


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