The Premonition 

It was a while. My job description always gave the impression of a social queer, but I was kind of adamant that wouldn’t be the case. It’s been 12 years since I left the country. The schooling years were followed by years of freedom that redefined my personality. I opened up myself to express, to be freed from the imaginary boundaries that tied me down.


I enjoyed it, I began to enjoy my own company. From more of listening I moved to speaking. But today I was pretty much listening. I have not been to a gathering in a while where there were nobody belonging to my age group. I was like a kid who was able to mouth a couple of syllables together yet couldn’t form a sensible word.


I was like the kids who were at the party, just a bit more experienced. They cautiously started the evening observing, slowly tested the comfort of the waters, and soon they were hustling and bustling. I wasn’t; I was seeing without.

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