The thursday exchange

I sat at my desk at 7am after soaking my Ahmed Tea (cinnamon) bag in my mug staring at the work schedule for the day when a lady walked in to discuss her report I had completed last week.

Lady: Good morning doctor, you have reported my MRI. The scan finished at 930am. And you reported it by 1030am. How is that possible?

Me: That’s perfectly all right. When I have time on my hands I do report them as they are being done.

Lady: I am sure that this report is erroneous. I have never got a report as quickly as this before. Usually it takes 5 days.

Me: I am sorry about that, but rest assured, I come from a country where we can’t keep reports pending for >24 hours so, you are in safe hands.


“Travelers, there is no path, paths are made by walking.” – Antonio Machado  

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