The East Asian Reprieve

Nearly 6 months since my return to India following a ‘different’ stint in the State of Kuwait (let’s put it that way… it’s complicated) and finally I get to dust off my passport and travel again. Of course yet again academic reasons the priority for travel leaving my wife behind, but returning to Singapura makes me happy. What makes a place special is the people inhabiting that place. Always had a very cordial and soothing experience with all the people here and it was no different this time around. Even though I was stuck up for half of the trip in the midst of my books, I tried to make the best of the rest of the time here. Quick disappearane in the Gardens by the Bay with my DSLR and Pixel made the photographic heart happy.


Following morning ran into the Botanical Gardens to spend time again in a lot of greenery and the serenity. Visiting here always reminds me of what a denigrating health style we lead in India. At 6 am in the morning the number of people out jogging and in other forms of fitness are numerous.  I look to inspire and enforce my form of exercise routine as soon as I return to India. Diet as well had gone into a six as the last couple of weeks got burnt down in plenty of caffeine and lots of stress.


Off to newer tides. Pics coming soon, both from my phone and DSLR. In the meantime you can enjoy some from my instagram account.

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