Nikon PhotoWalk Thrissur

Today has been a special day. Been lugging around a DSLR for little over 3 years now. And it has made me change my perspective of the beauty of nature. At the same time, it opened a completely new avenue of learning, with the vast amount of technology that is within our two hands that helps us compose the best possible picture.

Today was the first of I am sure many to come. Having been a Nikon user all throughout, I recently upgraded from my handy D3200 to D7200 and had the opportunity to make it to the Photo Walk organized by Nikon School India at Thrissur zoo.

Apart from making new friends, it opened up an avenue for learning for a hobby am thoroughly relishing. Being a doctor whose observational and detection skills determine the work efficacy, photography blends with what I do. And I am sure this is just the beginning of a very good journey of coming close to mother nature. The weather was simply sumptuous with rains all throughout on and off, making the Kochi – Thrissur drive thrilling. Of course thrills do kill as well as I spotted this midway through my trip. Be careful when driving on rainy days as the roads are so slippery and split decisions no longer are under our control.  

Enclosing shots of varying moments spent today there in the rains.

Nikon School South Photo Walk

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