I don’t know what is up with 2018 but it convinced me to watch a movie in a that I already watched in 2017. There was just too many things going right in this movie for me to watch it again. Couple of things against it as well..the couple being the two toddlers, one sitting in the row in front of me and the other behind, crying during the first visit to the theatre.. Lol.

I went to watch it without seeing the trailer, but knowing it’s an AA (Aashiq Abu) flick. Being just into my early thirties, this is the sort of film that resonates with me and am sure a lot of people in my age group. It deals with so many facets of relations that we have without creating any form of cinematic melodrama. Every scene seems to pinch some form of resemblance to our day to day lives, especially us who live in the heart of Kochi.

The background music and cinematography takes the movie to a complete different level as AA weaves his magic. A movie that brings the audience so close to the two prime characters of the movie. AA shows how an entire movie can be made with essentially only two real characters filling it up to the brim. There are moments of inspiration, even in this day and age when our lives are so fast paced.

When I walk out of the theatre, watching this movie, my faith in love is reinforced. Add your two teaspoons of love to everything you do, life just gets beautiful.

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