Experiencing the Dell XPS 13


So I recently bought a 13 inch laptop on EMI from Amazon. The last ‘laptop’ I bought was in 2014 – a chromebook which I felt was the only thing I would ever need. Until I reached a point when I thought an upgrade to a Mac is mandatory. However, the steep price of a Mac and the lack of cheap Mac Pros brought me out to this alternative.


I have been enjoying the company of this beauty for the last three weeks and absolutely loving. Its bezel to bezel wide screen with unique metallic body sleekness is a gem to have. Love the feedback of the keyboard.

It took a while to get used to the display screen which I am not too fond of. It serves the purpose it is got for. Powered by an i5 with 8 gigs of RAM, it’s gonna keep my radiology work on the go fast and snippy just like I enjoy the company of my Pixel 2.


In other news, after being in a relation with Facebook for over ten years, we finally broke up last night. It took some time to settle the old memories in the albums, but we just knew we couldn’t take it together ahead any longer. Expecting to find myself out here blogging a lot lot more thanks to the absence of the microblogging space in my life.

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