The Trupti Swipe

I had a rest day yesterday. I believe that’s what they call it in the fitness world. I just felt lazy after three days of intense workout. So I wake up today morning fully motivated and ready to burn.

I make my morning green lemon tea and turn the tv on as I sip it. All TV channels are streaming live feeds from Cochin Airport. She has arrived. 

Political groups cum devotees gather outside the airport. Police increase security. Debates ensue. 

Let’s roll back a bit. Trupti’s history in social media in Kerala and in general among the less aware is of an atypical female of Indian origin, one that flaunts all the norms of behavior of an Indian lady. As a result, the faithful society of Kerala do not find her in any manner to be an eligible representation of women in this country. 

It’s no longer fun to live in Kerala. On the back of a natural / man-made calamity, we are hardly finding our feet. A series of damning decisions made by the Supreme Court in the last couple of months has not allowed the climate to change much here. 

So what is the problem? Why are we fighting religion? Religion is faith. Faith holds people together. It is blind faith, but it is a binding force. It can move masses. It can create revolutions. The constitutional overriding of faith for an insignificant equality in a solitary private place in India seems to be simply bloated up. 

In a nation that doesn’t have freedom of expression, where a women is assaulted every other minute, I can not imagine what impact women (non-believers) wanting to visit Sabarimala. 

I have visited Sabarimala four times. What I really enjoy about it is the 41 day fast. Fast can be in many forms. But I challenge my mind to ‘stay within boundaries’ during that time evading materialistic joys. Then I do the holy climb. For me it was never about the outcome of the journey. It was always about the journey. 

The uniformity of clothing, the same chants, the interactions of people from all walks of life, all seeing each other as just a swami.. a human.. for a change. Irrespective of faith, history, belief and rituals, the highest order of the country with such ease opted to make a decision on gender equality over faith of people. This is in fact the biggest fallacy of democracy of a large nation. 

Only the highest authority of the region can make a socially acceptable decision. People debate reasons why women were denied and the time has come to change it.

If change has to come, so be it. But it doesn’t have to be abrupt. We are in no hurry. Wonder where today’s drama is gonna go. I am not looking forward to the next month and developments in Kerala. 

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