The Tummy Returns

I think my last day at the gym was Dec 10 2018. It’s been around 45 days since I did any form of physical workout. The erratic food pattern, the travel, the transition to settle down is definitely killing my body.

My taste buds have been craving to hit Kuwait food the moment I landed. I rushed to the Jamaya (Cooperative Supermarket) nearby to munch at will Mars, Snickers, Kit Kat, Bounty and Twix. The strawberry and chocolate Americana rolls! The Pufak I had in school. The Almarai Laban. The list is endless.

Ordering food from Hardees, KFC and McDonalds, it is nice to be back. But at the same time, all the calories are finding its way into my tummy. And lo and behold, the bloody winter is really making it easy for fat formation. I doubt it is any brown fat that is forming. This looks like another 3 months of workout for me yet again to get back to where I belong.

IKEA has a cracking 75% sale going on right now. The timing coinciding with my arrival is a sign, haha! Though this time around, I don’t have money lying around having just paid my advance flat rent…grr!!

Nevertheless, this weekend seems to be a trip to IKEA to figure out things there and to develop ideas on how to interior design my new flat. Surprised that Aishwarya Rai was actually in Avenues today. Darn!

What kept me hooked up on TV all noon though was Priyanka Gandhi entering politics. She definitely has her charm, no doubt. It rubbed off a bit on Rahul too, that’s probably why he doesn’t seem to pull off that fierce political attitude. Game on for next two months. TRP soars!

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