Gritty Manchester United

5 pm kick off Kuwait time is not ideal to watch a match, as it coincided with my shift.

I left my phone on streaming the game while I tended to work. Before I realized it was 15 minutes through into the game and we had already scored. In one of the injury breaks, I managed to watch the highlight.

What a delicate pick up from Pogba, and an even sharper touch from Rashford to cushion the ball before killing deep past a prolific keeper.

The pace and impetus was evident throughout as Alexis seamlessly sewed into the lineup. Dogged determined Leicester tried it all to break down but we stood firm.

I did not watch much of the second half thanks to work, but nevertheless as I type this I watch another blockbuster match ongoing between Man City and Arsenal. Arsenal losing would help our cause but city doesn’t really look that potent today. Misfiring quite a bit.

I spent some more time today at IKEA mesmerized with the options available. Still awaiting for my first pay check to bring in more furniture into my flat.

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