Establishing core values

It is essential to understand the essence of life. By essence what I mean is, it is important to identify what you as a person are. As I watch my baby grow uninhibited, I realize how we are beginning to groom her into society. Trying to titre her different qualities into ‘normal ranges’, i.e., within the normal two standard deviations! So do we really need to do it?

A lot of growing and maturing is all about, learning to unlearn all that society imposed upon oneself. To identify the real you, and allow it to express uninhibited.

Watching a life form, that evolved from my body grow up is opening up a new chapter in my life and I am loving it. It is also interesting to hear the pessimism that comes from the society trying to make believe situations are getting out of hand. I am only bemused at the naivety of society.

We take many things for granted in our life. Expectations tend to bear weight on us. It is simply easier to throw expectations out into the dustbin and move on.

Don’t think too much. Enjoy life. Many moments and opportunities don’t come back. Live without regrets.

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