Ramadan Timings

I have been informed about my work timings for the holy month of Ramadan. Expected duration is from May 5 to June 4. I will be operating on a 6 hour shift from 1930 to 0130 six days a week.

Weather is slowly peaking towards summer with the 30s well in sight in Kuwait now. Some showers are expected towards the forthcoming weekend. We are though nevertheless comfy within the central air conditioning of our apartment.

My last stint in Kuwait started in the holy month and it brings back fond memories of our stay in the Swiss Bel Hotel Plaza during my locum in Sabah Hospital, Ministry of Health, Kuwait.

I think irrespective of religion, it is ideal to have a month off in our calendar year to set things straight and align ourselves. Discipline is a must to have things going in the right direction. I have been so lazy in 2019. A quarter of the year is almost over and am yet to move my butt to do any exercise. Carrying a 5 kg baby for intervals at home does not qualify as workout in any stretch of imagination. If any, it only ends up pulling a muscle or straining an intervertebral disc.

Need to get off my slumber and get moving.

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