KFH cars, Barcelona and the inconsolable

So my paperwork for my GMC Acadia came to an abrupt halt, as I have to wait for a licence of my company to be renewed. So my journey continues in my rental Yaris probably for another couple of months. In the meantime my baby is due for her next round of vaccinations. Will head to Jahra Clinic to find out the necessary formalities.

I watched the Barcelona game and was overall disappointed. Barcelona was available for the taking but the lack of clinical attacking in the final third leaves us in a precarious position having conceded an away goal. Rashford was woeful the entire game. He could easily have had 3 goals but squandered opportunities. Pogba went missing. Smalling did his bit, when he said bring it on to Messi. Though it was him bringing it onto Messi’s nose and eyelid!

The predicted instability of weather in Kuwait never really happened. So weekend was fun strolling in Salmiya garden, while my baby slept through.

Visa paperwork for my family restarts this week, as the apartment is nearing to the desired interior designing of my wife. Work has been piling on lately. It is no surprise that number of patients visiting us has been on the rise. I have this impact usually 3 months into a workplace where in my work doubles and the graph is going as planned.

While Vaiga is going through changing phases of sleep cycle, we as parents are getting screwed with ours as well. So the inconsolable cry has appeared recently in the scheme of things and there is a baseline increase in background noise level in the house usually nowadays.

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