The deafening

It was a busy evening. I came over from work at 10 pm, switched on the tv. Dinner was not palatable, eyes locked in. The first few minutes, the purpose was obvious. We dissected barcelona for fun. But only for Rashford to squander. We dissected again and again with ease for the next ten minutes. Yet, no end product. Rashford, Martial and Lingard to begin a game. The three have not strung together a good form in the last month or so, have been returning from injury. To bench Lukaku was the obvious mistake Ole began with.

Young under serious scrutiny in his recent performances, shimmiying balls deep in the left back position was asking for trouble. The manner in which De Gea conceded was so awful. It was almost as if he never really was ready for this game today. His performance this season has been abysmal in my personal opinion. Ole’s man management skills had to appear with a decisive change AT LEAST at half time. But it never came. The manner in which we conceded the game including introduction of Dalot as the first change was just not the Manchester United DNA that Ole marketed till now.

Not even a night of sleep could help get over that match!

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