Last two weeks has been a bit marred with an unusual flare up of allergic skin reactions on my face which debilitated me to some extent, eventually prompting me to visit a dermatologist today.

Ever since childhood, I was known to a hyperactive airway. Nasal bleeding was common in the summer. Dry scaly skin enjoys the humid climate in India, but the dryness in Kuwait just bites.

It all began with acute insidious onset of eyelid swelling on both sides, followed by redness of ears, and scaling and dryness of cartilage of ears and the tip of cartilaginous nose. Waking up with swollen eyelids that do not respond to my routine anti-histamines meant I needed a visit to the dermat.

Topical steroids it is with a newer antihistaminic to tackle this menace. While I am still struggling to figure what might have triggered it, it looks like the onset of summer and the heat wave likely is the culprit.

After two months of using Toyota Yaris as a rental car, I am switching to the 2019 GMC Terrain SLE tomorrow for a month. The 1.5L turbocharged engine is what I will be riding for a month. I plan to finalize to pick a ride utilizing the Eid offer which is being worked up by GMC leasing. Looking forward to some American muscle in this holy month.

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