GMC Terrain

I have rented the 2019 GMC Terrain for a month. I have my eyes on the 2.0 L turbocharged 4 cylinder all wheel drive SLT version in my mind. But to just get the feel of the ride quality, I got my hands on the SLE frontwheel drive model.

To begin with, being a mini SUV, the height off the ground is a good starter for good vision on the roads. I literally walk into the ride and not bend down into it.

In an automatic without the gear shaft, there is plenty of room to rest the arm on the armrest with no gear to hide away from. The wind noise is low. The turbo kicks in a fraction of a second after I hit the throttle and there is a gentle thrust back on to the seat, allowing the power to surge into the vehicle, which is brilliant for a 1.5 L ride.

I am yet to get used to the side mirrors and blind spot. Having been driving a sedan for a while, the side mirror is a bit too close on my side for convenience. The A pillar provides reasonable vision on turns.

More impressions soon as I take this baby around for spin in the city.

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