Return to social media

I returned to Facebook and Instagram over the weekend, primarily due to boredom thanks to the less working hours during the holy month and idling at home.

After over a year and half, its nice to catch up with all my college and school friends. Good to see a good number of them have at least one or two miniatures of themselves in their homes now, keeping them busy.

Middle age is seriously kicking in here at home as well, as we slowly move into parenting.

My experience with the GMC Terrain SLE is one of great convenience so far with only one deterrent which I could possibly identify. The blind spot is massive on this ride, thanks to a cute small side mirror. Unless you opt for the full option, you don’t get your blind spot warning.

I managed to make a trip to the Dodge Showroom today morning to admire the beauty of the Durango 2019 R/T model. That is a beast. I dream of unleashing it in the second half of this calendar year. It’s been my long dream to have the R/T.

In other news, i tweaked my lower lumbar disc a couple of days ago and hence been leading a very sedentary life at home during the off hours. Which means more time watching tv and playing FIFA19 on the PS.

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