Tsunamo 2.0

I spent two years working in India from 2016-18. I returned from Kuwait to India in 2016 couple of weeks after demonetization set in. I lived through the struggle in the heart of Kochi. Short of ready cash, running around with pink 2000s that no one had change to offer. Visiting places where digital transactions and payment devices were yet to get to play.

Despite the struggles in hectic working hours, introduction of GST just made things look and feel a way lot expensive. Nobody had a clue. Everybody had to oblige. CGST and SGST made me desist even offering tips anymore.

I lived through the floods that rampaged Kerala. I sat back wondering how inhuman the Prime Minister can be, merely because of his political difference with the state of Kerala. Have no doubt, any state that does not have BJP will have to suffer. He ensures that happens.

When I decided to leave end of last year from India, I knew what the future looked like. A spineless opposition. A systematic corrosion of all norms of the Constitution and all its pillars. He was legitimizing corruption in ways unimaginable. But what struck me even harder was how gullible some Indians are. Welfare programs done for the development of the downtrodden only helps the nation grow. But stamping in bold every scheme with the PMs name, and taking credit polarizing achievements of previous governments, his marketing strategy has been one of the most obnoxious the nation has ever seen.

For all his valour and chest beating within the nation, his foreign policies and dealings in the first term has always been spineless. Perfect example is how India is handling the Iran situation.

I have been using twitter for 10 years. Last 5 years has seen paid propagation of ‘Modi’sms with unimaginable denigration of discourse that only embarrasses the nation as a whole in the world.

Despite major economic setbacks like demonetization, the lack of confidence in numbers put out by the government has only eroded the faith of institutions in the country.

While it is he who vociferously used social media as a tool to project himself to PM in 2014, his idea of following despicable characters of his political affiliation and his reluctance to condemn his barrage of polarization his troops inflict on the nation, is why I have no confidence in this man being able to change the discourse over the next five years.

Whilst countries all over the world are beginning to ring a tone of nationalism, India too is heading in that direction and I wouldn’t be surprised if the constitution is rewritten by Modi soon.

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