Nearly seven months since my arrival in Kuwait, and it is fair to say, finally all the paperwork is done and dusted today. Our first international trip this year is in ten day to the United States.

Scorching heat means running away from the country in the month of July seems ideal. Having just about got the paperwork through on time, we are looking forward to the final preparations prior to our trip.

Couple of pending purchases required. This time around looking to vlog my trip to the US. Planning to skip my DSLR set this time around, with my little brat most likely strapped on to me all throughout the trip.

My Pixel and Pixel XL 2 along with Hero 7 should suffice to cover our trip. I thought I would never get myself a GoPro but I feel it’s the thing which will allow me to capture all the wonderful moments of our bubbly growing up baby. Secondarily of course perfect to vlog our life.

Finally it is time for me to get my hands on a selfie stick. The problem with us doctors is that, by the time we eventually get to globe trotting, we are usually in our 30s, lol.

Planning to use Ooredoo passport for roaming services which seems way more economical than burning cash in the US on a Sim. A 26 KD package will provide 30 GB of data with 100 minutes of calling for 30 days, which should suffice.

The longest I have stayed up in an aircraft is 5 hours. So spending almost and entire day mid air is not what I am looking forward to, but that’s exactly what this is going to be. Having a 7 month old should keep us entertained (or preoccupied).

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