Reducing the noise to chirps on twitter

My colleague is on vacay for two weeks. That means I am gonna be burning my keyboard down working and typing reports for patients. Whilst the idea of actually having more work to do notched up my spirits, it also enabled me to actually think of decluttering my social media space.

I began with unfollowing everyone on my twitter feed. With over a decade of tweeting – amounts to over 66k tweets, I wanted to choose what I want to read. Now twitter will operate as my source of news and nothing else. The biggest problem I encounter on twitter is the denigration of language that is oh so obvious in this day and age. Of course ease of texting and use of smartphones have completely ridden the world of good language.

Many friends of mine make fun of me saying that there is pretty much nothing that I don’t write about. Somehow sharing my life of course with my own consent in a space that I am comfortable with brought humor to others. Everybody has their own reason to come to social media. Some out of peer pressure, others for their brand marketing and much of all to kill time especially during commute.

Why do I use social media? From my childhood, I had a thing for gadgets, just like all boys do. When dad got me a computer in my tenth standard, I dived deep into learning more and more into using devices. Strength in maths enabled me to learn ways to utilize technology to improve my standard of living. I began using my prowess as a tool to help peers who did not understand tech.

As technology grew, I was out there during my teens and 20s keeping pace with everything new that came. Once I started earning my own money, I cashed in to technology that continued to make my task easier.

Half of my daily work as a radiologist is spent in front of a computer monitor, rattling off reports. Computing skills I learnt from the early days enabled me to distance burnout and push through lots of quality work in short time without feeling a pinch.

One of my biggest strengths as a radiologist is my speed of delivering reports and I am proud of it thanks to my allegiance to technology.

So when I see the bunch that carry tech but don’t utilize them, I laugh inside, at their ineptitude.

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