Apology ki Baat

PM came to speak to the nation today to apologize for the inconvenience of locking down people 21 days at home and forcing them to watch Ramayana. Of course he was definitely not talking about the numerous migrants trying to find their way back home as employers and landlords abandoned them in different states in India.

Many people sitting at the comforts of their home purred – Why are you people returning home? Stay put. Listen to PM. Do it right to save mankind.

Let us not pick at what has been done, after all the arguments raised by many in India is, we have been through worse. We have seen it all!

So what exactly is India likely to do to confront this epidemic? I believe, at the end of the day, nothing. It is literally down to States to make decisions for the safety of their citizens. The clear lack of direction from centre prompts States to take decisions which might not suit all parties. Take the example of the border issue between North Kerala and Karnataka. Pretty much the Wuhan of India at the moment is Kasaragod distric of Kerala. Epic measures like literally blocking an interstate road using gravel, dramatically with a JCB thereby cutting off transfer of goods to Kerala is a good example of State taking things into their own hands.

The divisiveness of the country is most profound at a time of crisis like this, as much as people prefer to pretend otherwise

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