The blind eye

Nearly into a month of literal joblessness. The Ministry of Health in Kuwait shut down private health centres in the country as an emergency measure to counter COVID19 along with other stringent measures of the State latest of which is a partial curfew and targeted lockdowns.

Whilst the initial couple of weeks of break from work was a blessing in disguise with encouraging family time and enabling work detox, the latter fortnight is slowly winding to an aimless strut. Conference video calling being limited to occasional family chats, and the routine video calling with parents, there seems to be no deadline to pick on in every 24 hours.

The constant buzz of the pandemic and its manifestations through all portals of media, also eventually become disinteresting. Whilst finding out new avenues of engaging time, I also allowed myself to just get off sched and just ease off a bit. Now with a power nap secured, now seems just about the time to step back in the game.

The immediate future looks bleak with 2020 pretty much going to be literally uneventful. Let’s hope this marks big structural changes to many routines in our life.

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