Kuwait shut down the entire month of March and looks like its gonna be the same scenario for April. Curfew is likely to go all the way up to Eid.

This sort of prolonged period of uncertainty is going to cause a lot of financial discomfort for every household. The psychological manifestations are going to be many fold.

This is exactly the sort of time one should be reaching out to friends and family as often as possible, through the endless phone and video calls to make sure all are in a good mental state. Troubled to read about suicides today in Kuwait.

Whilst many are fortunate to enjoy the luxury of work from home, many are likely to lose their job and looking down a bad time over the next few months. If you are economically sound, do look out for those you care of, who might not be in a position to withstand this period of absentia from work.

This too shall pass.

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