A pandemic to restore, reset

Fortunate to have grown through the phase where we transitioned into embracing the internet into our lives, I think it is just about right to say that we have much needed a pause, from all that technology has brought to us.

The literal disruption of daily life across much of the globe thanks to the pandemic has resulted in what is very likely a new way of living for the years to come.

When some of the measures asked to contain the virus starts with something as simple as personal hygiene, well, this might just be the beginning of a change for the good. Trotting around the globe in lightning speed, the globalization of work and the ease of travel is all that will be revisited soon. Viability of permanency of work from home to a certain extent seems more likely.

In a world that is already down to spending much of the time virtually connected, the disruption in physical interactions has had a much lesser impact than had it been the other way around. Imagine, if for example, the internet was down thanks to the virus. To remain in one’s own confinement is alien to most nowadays. The sages, philosophers, human Gods, all talk about knowing the self. Well, here you go, time is there to know the self. Abandon everything, re-evaluate life and sort one’s priorities.

It’s ironic that humans are trying to contain an organism that is invincible on earth. This is more of a self preservation fearful retreat. While we attribute this to likely be the pandemic of the century, one must understand despite all the advances humans make, species preservation definitely does not seem to be something humans will ever come to terms with.

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