COVID19 numbers in India

This was the graph predicted by the Government of India towards the end of April 2020.
Impact of lockdown in different countries, with highlight on the direction it is moving.
The latest prediction which means, this is going to be quite a protracted course in India (Courtesy Rijo M John)

Questions remain in the manner in which the lockdown was implemented, one of, if not the harshest measure seen in the world. India went through a series of lockdowns, as it looked to beef up the healthcare system to cope with the expected growth of cases. At the time of initial observations of possible good containment, thanks to the early lockdown, the government clearly did not factor the impact of two major factors

  1. The reverse internal migration that has catapulted the first wave.
  2. The inevitable return of non resident Indians from all over the world sowing seeds of alarming growth

The biggest worry is, are we as a nation, ready to bear the brunt of this massive healthcare burden while trying to restore parity to remaining healthcare services as well as restoring some form of livelihood. Strong leadership is needed to withstand the storm, pandemics are opportunities for leaders to rise above all.

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