denigration of indian twitter

Once upon a time, when twitter began its journey in the 2000s, few internet enthusiasts, including me, joined the bandwagon of social media. 140 characters appropriated a closeness to individuals who remain in the public space but had no unscheduled direct opportunity of interaction with the common man.

The communication between leaders and celebrities and their fans, developed a new dimension. A reply with a mention, had the same feeling as a personalized autograph. That though was in the growing loving childhood days of twitter.

We have come a long way now. The accessibility of the media has multiplied in the last 5 years as more and more users gained access to internet enabled devices. The economy of internet and smartphone brought access to a new strata of users. But much of it took a downturn once politicians started using it as a propaganda medium.

Tweets are no longer thoughts or voices of expression of the individual. Tweets represent a common goal, a motive, a day job for many. Those who run twitter bend over to sell their product. And it is selling very well. Much of what it reflects on India as a nation is the ruthless inhuman beings that India is already turned into.

Baying for blood, trending hashtags and countertags, it is the sad truth, that Twitter is where miserable people come to work.

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