A point away..a weary one.

Every morning after a tepid Manchester United game, I feel groggy and lazy. After a shameful defeat to Chelsea, we wanted our blood to boil and smash West Ham out of the park in the first 20 minutes. Instead we got 5 minutes of impetus and it all died out. Of course, the lack of fans is a clear deficit when it comes to having players with limited ambitions to move up and about on a pitch.

Martial remained excellent in all points of delivery throughout the game. Rashford could not have played a shittier game in the shirt. Appeared tired, showed plenty of lack of desire. Surprising he was allowed to last 90. There is zero productive movement by Greenwood and Rashford in an attacking sense. Greenwood offers no width up front. Rashford simply pegs balls back and had I think only one take-on the entire game. When Matic has the ball deep in our half, there is no movement of players in front of him, to chug the line forward.

Ever since Shaw’s injury, Williams offers zero width in attack. Tim Fosu was giving the perfect width, but was short on service.

Pogba looks tired, monotonous and bereft of ideas, looking to sit back as Bruno takes control. But Bruno and Pogba had no control in midfield. Such was the effectiveness of the team organization under Moyes that United were choked.

United needed sparks of brilliance in the flanks. Neither Mason nor Rashford offered any. Having gone a goal behind and getting hammered by Ole, the result was there to see after the break. But that soon tapered out as United looked tired, toothless and capable of conceding any time. Lucky to get out with a point. But the glaring lack of quality is a reality check for all those who hid under the miraculous unbeaten run.

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