The immoral

So what does it take for society to revert to being right again? I am thankful in my schooling both by teachers and parents, I have been taught to discern the right and the wrong.

What if society as a whole decides to lean away from the right path?

That is exactly what is happening with the corruption scandal plaguing the office of the Chief Minister of Kerala. Certain personality attributes can be counter productive when in the midst of wrong doing.

The vigor and valor of a leader, the ability to lead a nation, through a troubled time has been well demonstrated in the manner in which confidence of the State and its citizens was taken by the leader during a natural calamity that struck the southern State of Kerala. However, denying, appearing oblivious to events that have scarred a term of reasonable good work is evident over the last few months. A pandemic is not something you prepare for. It is a bolt out of the blue. It’s ramifications can only be read about, as they happen quite often only once in a lifetime.

Change is the only constant. The presence of mind, and the will to change the self is the only thing that will preserve an individual. Sticking always to the tried and tired tactics never withstands the test of time. Time will tell, what the wise refuse to hear.

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