Disgraceful and disrespectful start for Man United

I deliberately decided not to write my thoughts immediately after the game. A 20 min workout and a grocery shopping in between full time and this blog is needed for me to compose myself. Should I be surprised or should I upset? The way United started the game with absolutely no drive or quality on ball is the pillars on which Ole has built this team throughout the last season. Not until half of the game is over do they even wake up. There is absolutely nothing effective in the centre of midfield. Wingers and full backs resist any desire to drive or dribble.

Commentators were heard slating Dan James. He at least made efforts to move up for the limited times he got the ball. Pogba and Bruno very wasteful in the midfield. Martial saw pretty much nothing of the ball all throughout the game. The little threat that ever came were through crosses that clearly does not seem to be on Ole’s playbook.

So should United fans like me be appalled? Seeing the timid start to the game, was it natural for me to predict the outcome as early as 10 minutes into the game?

Predictable sedate tactical changes in second half had little to no impact against a team that actually has a manager.

If fans and Ole fan boys feel the United players hustled a bit more, then they are wrong. They were terrible. The central defence is in tatters. When we have nothing going up front, we get found out. I will be listening to the post match conference after this write up so that I don’t vent more of my frustration. Happy for Zaha taking the effort to consistently rub it in when he faces United.

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