Gameweek 2, same old story

What exactly is frustrating about second game of the premier league for united this season? It depicted the same tepid performance as the first. First team players appearing unfit, out of touch and terrible in general play. Think they all sleep before coming to the game. They get going only towards the half time. Imagine. This is Manchester United.

I know this will take a bit of my blog, but that is ok. It is important to emphasize how shit we are playing right now. To begin with, I will highlight the key players who triggered an alarm to wake up the slumber of the team.

  1. Matic – Rock solid in midfield, easing players around, restoring composure and calm to the midfield that had literally no grip against Crystal Palace
  2. Shaw – only person willing to actually take on a player. It is almost as though it is a crime to dribble past a player when coached by Ole.
  3. Wan-Bissaka – brought in the much needed defensive surety in right back easing the pressure on Lindelof

Martial can not be blamed. The lack of service or vision of the midfield players to play a ball to him meant he kept coming deep into midfield to engage.

Rashford has essentially forgotten that playing along the wing actually involves using the wing. 9 out of 10 time he turns towards our goal and plays a pass. It is almost as though Ole has told him – keep ball in shape, and only take on when breaking.

For all the plaudits Greenwood has had last season, he definitely is immature, unidimensional and once teams have learnt to shut him up with the high press, he is essentially just deadweight in attack.

Bruno and Pogba have been woeful to say the least. Their passing and ball control are way below par their skill sets, which is very disappointing indeed. Brighton appeared so silky and smooth, and we wonder why United players show no pace at all.

Maguire and Lindelof are not the pairing we need at the back. Lindelof is not quick enough to cover Maguires solidity. Maguire’s position sense has been awful. Wonder if going to jail has got anything to do with it.

De Gea in that way is not being helped at all by his defence. But the keeper has only himself to blame. He set such high standards for himself in the post Fergie era, that even a dismal defence that United has should still be bringing out the best in him.

As a United fan, I am disgusted we actually won this game. We did not deserve it. Come next game, be mentally prepared for a proper thrashing from Tottenham. Rich vein of form for both Kane and Son is just big big trouble!

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