How cyber bullying is changing the internet

Twitter and Instagram are two platforms that are already providing users option to limit who comments on their content. Who would have imagined a day would come when companies would be forced to put in features that limit the growth of their product? Well, the harsh truth is, in the view of growing a business, the social and psychological impact of bringing together hate has eventually costed them.

Healthy interactions in such platforms is a rarity. To heckle, abuse, harass is the norm and eventually a line had to be drawn.

The brewing issue this weekend had been the instance of a Youtube vloggers content. Clearly vicious, deplorable and made with clear malicious intent, unfortunately, it has probably managed to reach millions around the world. As people try to look at it from varying perspectives of humanity, at the end of the day, it is just an opinion of man. I hope this spurs the discussion on enaction of clear, succint cyber laws in India that needs to be constantly reviewed in this rapidly mutating cyber world.

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