Vaiga turned 2!

My little girl is growing fast. It seems like it was hardly yesterday that she had to be rocked in our arms to put her to bed. A year of pandemic confinement to the country, the general fear of human interaction in order to protect the vulnerable kids, kept us from interacting with others.

Being a healthcare worker myself, I preferred to not engage other friends with kids, knowing that I am a frontline high exposure profile.

But what the pandemic did inadvertently allow is for my baby and her mama to seriously bond together. Of course, that means they have had the good and the bad times of being with each other. I on the other hand, continued to work through the pandemic, but as the year grew on, so did Vaiga and I realized, I would be needing a lot of energy to handle this toddler.

We were supposed to celebrate her birthday in India with her grandparents in Kollam. With travel restrictions, that plan was shelved. Ongoing restrictions prevent us from holding official parties in Kuwait. So I decided to invite all our relatives to a video conference in Zoom and to our surprise, we actually managed to get everyone online. It was an amazing feeling to spend so much time with family on an occasion like this and am very thankful to all who made it. What it made me realize was also that if there is a will, we can all actually tune in simultaneously to catch up from different parts of the world!

To more such virtual get togethers again in 2021, signing off.

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