Closing the 2020 chapter

A different year indeed. I completed the second year of my work contract of my second stint in Kuwait. As I sign my third and final contract with the current firm, I look back on at how contrasting the two years have been.

2019 was all about returning to Kuwait, relocating from Kochi life and settling into the good old life style of Kuwait. Plenty of air travel, a wedding in San Francisco and an exam in London. Mix that with couple of trips to native Kerala. Plenty of exciting work – with new found interest working in the musculoskeletal ultrasound domain and lots of energy communicating in Arabic

2020 began with the same fervor. With my daughter turning 1, we were visiting the Zoo, attending an air show and preparing to celebrate the National and Liberation Day of Kuwait. From then on, time stood still from March to June.

The uncertainty of how things will pan out, the lockdown. The shut down of private sector healthcare. The delay in income. July marked rejuvenation with faith to fight, cope and survive. By September, suiting up at work was well past the norm. As the year ends, with waning numbers of positive cases in the country, there is no doubt relief in me. I hope that soon we can see the back of the pandemic and get back to our normal lives soon in 2021.

Great respect for science, the speed of vaccine entry into the pandemic is a testament of our technological advancement and the unified desire to save mankind. Welcome 2021. We will embrace and value every moment we spend on earth.

2 thoughts on “Closing the 2020 chapter

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  1. Happy new year to you and your family…! Hope gud old kuwait is the same…funny but my brother is coming bak from kwt to kerala coming of the family already came back last year.

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