Kilometers and Kilometers; Master

Watched two movies in the last two days, one on Netflix, other on Amazon Prime. To be honest, not too excited about how kilometers and kilometers panned out. It’s kind of a bullet lover movie, with a thin storyline and some sociopolitical liners entangled within. I felt the protagonists were too weak to carry it.

Master on the contrary, has a lovely story line, delectably delivered by some of the finest artists in the industry. Engaging, enthralling and inspiring. In these COVID times, unable to visit the motherland, thankful movies are releasing OTT.

After an experiment with cardio and running in the month of January, this month is all about body weight training. My favorite ally app will the the Nike Training Club. Focus is to improve core body strength slowly and steadily.

Hot in the day, chilly in the evening weather continues in Kuwait. Happy and proud that Covishield first batch has arrived in Kuwait today from India.

First bout of gastroenteritis for my daughter. She has been spiking fever recurrently for the last three days but recovering. Hope to return to taking her out and having fun once again as soon as she restores health.  

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