One step forward, two back

After the high of a 9-0 victory mid week, we expected a victory at the least against Everton. But it wasn’t to be. It was one of those nights when a draw felt like a defeat. Twice from winning positions we gave the game away thanks individual errors and not putting chances to bed. 

Easily could have scored 4-5 for the opportunities created, but it turned out to be costly as defensive errors yet again cost us the game. 

We almost conceded just before half time, and one would have imagined we would be coming out of the blocks more assured in the second half. 

But it was classical complacency of a 2-0 lead, against a team that decided to go all guns blazing in the first ten minutes before going for tactical switches. Carlo is a coach I admire, a man with a persona of his own. And there is quite something for Ole to learn from him. 

De Gea continues to document how he is no longer the player that he once was. His form no longer seems to be temporary. He has been abysmal and a talking point for much of the last one year and is highly unlikely to be getting the numero uno next season. Ole has kept faith in him, but there is no excuse for two goals he conceded today. 

First was a classic mess up, plucking the ball and pushing it into the only forward player in the box. Second, a typical spineless forward run towards the ball. He is one of the greatest shot stopped but also one of the poorest commander in the six yard. With his shot stopping prowess, and the help of a solid backline, for much of his United career, he has been shielded. The time has come for us to fetch a world class keeper. 

For years and games, I yearned to see Romero hold that space. Even today in FIFA21 I play Romero as my keeper. 

The other teams in the top 4 have to really mess it up if United were to grab a title, but looks like ‘deux’ is our position in the table this season.

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