Drishyam 2

After doing some late night chores, I decided to tune in to Drishyam 2 on Amazon prime at 0130 in the night. Might not have been such a bright idea watching alone in low volume in the dark when fam is sleeping. Sequels have to live up. And the intriguing nature of a crime thriller sets the bar pretty high to begin with.

It was not only enthralling and captivating, the web that Jeethu Joseph spins is beautiful. The layers of story telling stacked one upon the other, opens up room for lot of excitement, anticipation and thinking. Overall, it is indeed a must watch. And it feels good for a change living abroad, and actually watching a movie on Day 1 of release.

Today, I completed 50 km of running this month. That is indeed a 50% drop compared to my commitment last month. I have been more protective of my body this month, whilst juggling many new things that have cropped up in my timeline.

New week, a long weekend forthcoming thanks to National Day holidays in Kuwait. Looking forward to a much needed break. Rumors floating of a possible curfew this week. Many dread another lockdown and another financial disruption to their lives.

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